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Birdsong Tutor.Com Featured On CNBC caught the eye of CNBC’s The News with Shepard Smith for its innovative online tutoring solution. The pandemic has been challenging for everyone, including students. A Mckinsey & Company study reported that by the end of this school year, many pupils will be 5 – 9 months behind in math. To help these young people, Westminster-Canterbury partnered with Birdsong to create, which virtually connects seniors with students who need homework and other academic help. Watch the video to learn how it has impacted two families.

COVID-19 has caused many school systems to choose to teach students virtually this fall as a health precaution. This poses concerns for many parents as virtual learning can be both a challenge for students and for those parents with work obligations. Senior tutors can use this FREE web app to connect virtually with students to assist them with math, reading or other homework assignments. For parents, it gives you a “virtual hall pass” for an hour or two to relax, handle other issues or get assistance for your child with a school subject with which they may feel challenged. It really is a WIN-WIN!

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